Digital Stone Heaters

After extensive testing, we have found that the digital stone heaters (ie. with a digital display) that are currently sold in Australia aren't suitable for professional use.

Although the digital stone heaters are usually advertised as having a maximum temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, we have found that the absolute maximum temperature that these stone heaters will reach is 56 degrees C (and this is after a very long warm-up time, under ideal conditions). If you have a colder massage room, or there is a slight breeze across the stone heater, it is unlikely that your digital stone heater will even reach this temperature.

The other major problem we found with the digital stone heaters that are sold in Australia is that they make a loud "BEEP" every time that you want to adjust the thermostat/temperature. So, you want to turn the temperature down by three degrees, the digital stone heater will make three beeps (ie. each time you press the down/up button). Obviously, this is less than ideal if your client is attempting to relax (which we will assume that they are, considering they're having a Hot Stone Massage).

At Hahana Stone Massage, we use and recommend either the Spa Pro Stone Heaters (6L & 17L) or our custom-designed, Australian-made Hahana Stone Heater. Both the Spa Pro Stone Heaters and Hahana Stone Heaters are controlled by a sensitive, analogue thermostat (ie. a knob). This is by far the most accurate (and quietest) way to adjust the temperature.

The Spa Pro Stone Heaters and Hahana Stone Heaters also have a very high maximum temperature (well above 70 degrees C). Whilst you won't generally work above 53-54 degrees, it is important that your stone heater is powerful enough to overcome a cool/cold environment, and also pre-heat quickly. Sadly, whilst the digital stone heaters seem like they are a step forward, they are actually two steps backwards.