Stone Heaters

Stone Heaters

Professional Hot Stone Massage Heaters - Stone Heaters (with adjustable thermostat). We sell the world's most compact, full-body Hot Stone Heater - made in AUSTRALIA and exclusive to Hahana Stone Massage! Hahana Stone Massage recommends the use of professional, purpose built Stone Heaters.

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Hahana Hot Stone Heater (Contoured) - 15 Litre Massage Stone Heater

As seen in the Hahana Practical Training DVD - beautiful contoured design for maximum Spa integration! The Hahana Hot Stone Heater has the smallest "foot-print" of all full-body Hot Stone Heaters available - worldwide! Wondering why we don't stock Digital Stone Heaters? Click here to find out..

$770.00 Ex Tax: $700.00