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What our customers say about the Hahana Stone Massage DVD, Manual and Double-CD pack:

"Wonderful! Very informative, well set up and at a good learning pace... A great tool... The manual is easy to follow and the pictures are great for refreshing my memory.. This CD is the best addition to my CD collection..."
M.Cottam, Ellenbrook, WA

"Congratulations on a job well done... Great detail and easy to understand... The double-CD completes and enhances the Hahana Stone Massage... A wonderful ambience"
S. Stainton, Caringbah South, NSW

"The Training Manual is very informative, with easy to follow diagrams... Great for easy reference guide... The double-CD "A State of Being..." is an absolute joy to listen to and is very relaxing for both client and therapist alike..."
D. Jonceski, Cordeaux Heights, NSW

"The Practical Training DVD & double-CD are very good and the Training Manual is very thorough..."
J. Hardy, Nowra, NSW

"The Manual is fantastic... You definitely supply the best resources to support your course..."
S. Parker, Glenmore Park, NSW


This Stone Massage educational package includes:

1 x Hahana Stone Massage Practical Training DVD
1 x Hahana Stone Massage Training Manual
1 x "A State of Being..." Double-CD (relaxation/massage)

Hahana® Practical Training DVD - 94 minutes

Learn Hot Stone Massage from the founder of Hahana Stone Massage® in this practical training DVD.

Based on the highly successful Hahana Stone Massage® hands-on training, this comprehensive, practical training DVD covers a 90 minute full body massage, and teaches Massage, Beauty and Spa therapists ergonomic, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi movements that can greatly reduce the pressure placed on the hands and wrists.

Presented in clear and concise steps by the founder of Hahana Stone Massage®, the techniques and information contained in this DVD give therapists a thorough understanding of the fundamental practical aspects involved in performing this unique style of massage.

Hot Stone Massage is one of the most requested treatments in Spas all over the world. Therapists who offer this treatment can increase their profits, whilst performing an enjoyable style of massage.

Over ninety minutes of invaluable knowledge. ISBN: 978-0-9807270-0-5


Hahana Stone Massage® Training Manual - DVD Edition - 59 pages

Written by Philip Cook (BHSc) - founder of Hahana Stone Massage®. ISBN: 978-0-9807270-1-2

This is the recently updated version of the official "Hahana Stone Massage Training Manual". When we decided to shoot our new Hot Stone Massage Training DVD, we thought that it was time to give our manual a face-lift.

This training manual is designed to be used in conjunction with either the "Hahana Practical Training DVD", or our hands-on training.


  • Completely revised - 59 pages (A4)
  • Covers both the theory and practice of Stone Massage
  • Over 190 full-colour pictures
  • Detailed written descriptions of each technique (with photos)
  • Removable (perforated) sequences - 60min & 90min
  • Easy to read
  • Discover the keys to performing an amazing Stone Massage


Table of Contents:

  • History & Background
  • The Hahana® Difference
  • Other Styles of Stone Therapy
  • Connection with the Earth (Five Elements)
  • Types of Stones
  • Benefits
  • Contra-Indications
  • Equipment Required
  • Setting Up, Safety & General Info
  • Cleaning – Physical
  • Cleaning – Energetic
  • Your Hahana Stones
  • Placement Stones
  • Leg Stones
  • Back Stones
  • Free-Range Stones
  • Procedure - 90 minute, full body Hot Stone Massage (based on Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi techniques)
  • References
  • Appendix A – Bolster Rolling Instructions
  • Appendix B – Pillow Folding Instructions
  • Appendix C – Cold Stone Instructions
  • Appendix D – Keys to Giving an Amazing Stone Massage
  • Removable Pages
  • Simplified Hahana Sequence – 60min
  • Simplified Hahana Sequence – 90min


"A State of Being..." - The Hahana® Soundtrack (double-CD) - two hours

Beautiful, relaxing/relaxation music for all massage and spa treatments. Two hours of soothing and relaxing ambient music (great for massage and beauty therapists).

Each CD is a full 60 minutes (uninterrupted) of flowing and melodic soundscapes, chosen for the enjoyment of both client and therapist.

This is the soundtrack to the "Hahana Practical Training DVD", and is available exclusively from Hahana Stone Massage®.

Disc 1 - Amazon Evening (10min demo)

Disc 2 - Tranquil Landscapes (10min demo)


Hahana Stone Massage® is a registered trademark. Only therapists who have completed our hands-on training are entitled to use our name, logo, descriptions, images, etc.

If you have not completed the Hahana Stone Massage® hands-on training, the generic name for this style of massage is Hot Stone Massage, Stone Massage or Stone Therapy.

This manual and DVD pack is designed for qualified Massage/Beauty/Spa therapists, and should not take the place of hands-on training.

This is an independent release, please respect the artist's copyright.

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